It’s only impossible until it isn’t.

Scores of applications now powered by a single touch.
That’s the Onyx® platform in action.

Applications overview

Discover the limitless application space available in microbial genome editing when you use the Onyx platform to harness the combined power of high throughput DNA synthesis, CRISPR editing and seamless bioinformatics. All of which have been made push-button easy.
Genome Discovery
Genome Discovery

Interested in basic biological processes? Check out our Genome Discovery applications to learn more about how the Onyx platform can facilitate and expedite your research program.

Forward Engineering
Forward Engineering

Developing novel microbial strains to bring biological products to market? Get acquainted with Forward Engineering and see how the Onyx platform can accelerate your path to commercialization.

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Resources & Support

Want to learn more about the Onxy platform and what we’ve been up to? Check out our latest videos, webinars, and presentations and get answers to our FAQs on the Resource & Support page.