Forward Engineering applications 
with the Onyx® platform


Accelerate your research with Forward Engineering

Whether you know it as Gene Editing, Strain Engineering, Directed Evolution, Synthetic Biology, or something else entirely, the era of Forward Engineering microbes for potentially unlimited applications has arrived.

The Onyx CRISPR-based benchtop genome engineering platform is here to accelerate your Forward Engineering workflows.

Learn more about Forward Engineering by watching this video. 

Watch a short video What is Forward Engineering?”

Ready to take a deep dive into Forward Engineering?

Learn about the fundamental principles of Forward Engineering, including Diversity Generation and Combinatorial Optimization

View Part I of our two-part webinar to learn more about how to apply state-of-the-art approaches to mining genes, pathways, and genomes to uncover valuable diversity as the critical first step to rapid engineering of microorganisms.

Rapid Forward Engineering of Biological Systems

Part 1 Diversity Generation

Inscripta Forward Engineering webinar

How Effective Diversity Generation Drives Rapid Forward Engineering

diversity generation for forward engineering application note

With diversity generation complete and a rich set of individually beneficial mutations in hand, proceed to iterative cycles of combinatorial optimization to maximally harness the full power of Forward Engineering your microorganism.

Rapid Forward Engineering of Biological Systems

Part 2 Combinatorial Optimization


How Combinatorial Optimization Enables Rapid Discovery of High-Performance Variant

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