The Onyx® Platform:
Automated CRISPR engineering for rapid strain improvement

The Onyx is the only automated genome engineering platform designed to simplify, accelerate, and ensure you achieve the most robust strain optimization. The fully integrated solution requires no additional bioinformatic expertise, automates all laboratory aspects of CRISPR editing, and cuts strain engineering time by as much as half when compared to traditional methods.


Scalable genome engineering to achieve your strain optimization goals.

Protein production ligth
Protein and Nucleic Acid Production

Heterologous protein and nucleic acid production is a complex challenge involving hundreds of components and variables which can greatly impact the yield and purity of the end product. Learn how Onyx technology leverages a powerful genome-wide approach to overcome these obstacles and enables you to rapidly develop strains that produce optimal titers.

Protein engineering light
Protein Engineering and Optimization

Protein engineering has been traditionally performed on plasmid, requiring subsequent transfer into the host genome for production scale-up. Often the results seen in the plasmid are not duplicated when expressed in the genome. The Onyx completely solves this problem by allowing you to engineer the protein directly in the host genome, reducing time and cost.

Specialty chemical production
Commodity and Specialty Chemical Production

The production of commodity and specialty chemicals in microorganisms is particularly challenging. The pathway complexity governing the production of these compounds combined with their frequent toxicity makes the process very difficult. Learn how Onyx can help you simultaneously increase production and identify edits for microbial tolerance improvement.


Design any edit, across the genome, with unmatched precision.

The Onyx gives you the flexibility and scalability to develop virtually limitless libraries. Create insertions, deletions, substitutions, or full saturation mutagenesis, in a single gene, a pathway, or the whole genome. Your library options are only limited by your imagination.


Adopted by some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

I imagine for a startup company or a company new to this space, it would be even more of a game changer, and that’s what makes this so exciting.”

Kristen Benjamin, VP of R&D, Amyris Inc.


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