The power to positively change the world.
Digital genome engineering makes it possible.

A new era of biological discovery and production is coming to your benchtop. Revolutionary digital genome engineering tools transform how we face complex global challenges and yield solutions that benefit all, such as improved crops and better foods, sustainable materials and fuels, and new and improved ways to treat disease.

Realize profound value

Get unmatched scientific power and throughput in your lab, with a fully automated workflow including an instrument, reagents and software.

Reimagine the future

Overcome current challenges and limitations of gene editing to discover new biology that benefits all humanity.

Reveal novel solutions

Transform the status quo through constructive genome engineering that solves major societal challenges.


New ability, added responsibility

We’re part of the community setting industry standards for the use of genome engineering and we want to ensure that the unprecedented scale of the Onyx® platform is used safely. Proactively implementing biosecurity controls and countermeasures at multiple steps ensures that the Onyx platform is used responsibly and ethically. Let’s work together for the greater good.


About Inscripta®

Giving scientists the power to solve many of humanity’s greatest challenges through a transformation in biological discovery is our mission. Sound inspiring? We think so. Join the team or learn more now.