Lean Bioengineering™:
Create industrially optimized strains at a fraction of the time and cost.

Our Lean Bioengineering™ approach combines the power of Directed Evolution, CRISPR, and Machine Learning to make biomanufacturing scalable, cost-effective, and safe.


The GenoScaler™ Difference

Protein production ligth
Critical Steps to Strain Improvement

Testing large sets of genetic solutions for improved traits

Discovery of beneficial genetic changes that impact improvement

Combinatorial testing of beneficial genetic changes

Protein engineering light
Traditional Strain Engineering

Tests 1 – 10 integrated genomic edits at a time

Discovers few (1−2) beneficial edits at a time

Limited to adding 1 beneficial edit at a time

Specialty chemical production
Strain Engineering with GenoScaler™

2 – 4 weeks/​cycle is 4x faster than state-of-the-art

1,000x more cost effective at $0.10/variant

5 – 10x more efficient requiring only 0.5−3 FTE/​project