Engineering biology is slow, laborious, and expensive — until now.

By applying Directed Evolution techniques, GenoScaler recombines the strain with the highest scale-up potential with all the other genetic edits that demonstrate promising results. This is done in silico using statistical modelling of genotype-phenotype data.

Once the most promising candidates are identified, the GenoScaler team builds additional combinatorial libraries to efficiently search through large sequence spaces to rapidly improve performance. The entire process results in a commercially compliant strain with >10,000x productivity compared to the base strain.

GenoScaler and Lean Bioengineering

Inscripta’s proprietary platform achieves results 400,000x faster with 100x higher possibility of success, and reduces development costs by 10-fold.

Better Final Fitness: Continuously discover and integrate custom genome-wide edits

Better Improvement Trajectory: Recombine many beneficial edits/​cycle

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