Genome Discovery applications 
with the Onyx® platform


Genomic Discovery in biotechnology’s new era

The biological genome is one of mankind’s most exciting and largely undiscovered frontiers. With NGS technologies and bioinformatics capabilities having delivered thousands of new genome sequences over the last two decades and adding more every day, the door to this complex and fascinating world has been cast wide open! Take a giant leap into the vast landscape of genotype and variant analysis with the Inscripta® Onyx platform, your most powerful tool in the next phase of Genome Discovery.


CRISPR editing on the entire genome

Tired of searching for a needle in the haystack?

Uncovering novel phenotypes needs no longer to be tied to random mutagenesis approaches or simple knock-out libraries. The Onyx CRISPR-based benchtop digital genome engineering platform delivers a high-throughput and precise gene editing capability genome-wide to dramatically kickstart or massively accelerate your most important Genomic Discovery programs.

Crispr genome
Massively Parallel CRISPR Genome Editing in S. cerevisiae

Forward Engineering

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