Boulder, CO -

Inscripta® to present first data from its digital genome engineering technology at upcoming synthetic biology conference

Results from a 200,000-edit library of an E. coli biosynthesis pathway show unprecedented scale and variety of edit types

Inscripta, developer of the first scalable benchtop Digital Genome EngineeringTM platform, today announced the company will be making its first public presentation about its CRISPR-based technology at the 2019 Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design (SEED) conference. The meeting takes place June 23 – 27 in New York City.

Richard Fox, Ph.D., Executive Director of Data Science at Inscripta and inventor of the protein sequence activity relationship (ProSAR) algorithm, will present results from a 200,000-edit library consisting of a large variety of edit types to an E. coli biosynthesis pathway that revealed novel biology. His talk will take place on June 25, 2019 from 12:45 – 1:30 p.m.

Existing methods for CRISPR-based gene editing are limited by throughput, access, and cost. There is a critical need for scalable alternatives that would allow researchers to rapidly create a wide variety of edit types in novel combinations,” said Dr. Fox. ​I am thrilled to share with the synthetic biology community the first data from our platform, which will unlock the power to create edits at genome scale. This will accelerate researchers’ ability to perform forward genome engineering to address some of society’s most pressing problems.”

Kevin Ness, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Inscripta, commented: ​We are at the dawn of being able to engineer biological systems at previously unattainable scale and complexity. Soon researchers will be limited only by their imaginations and capacity to explore the many ways this technology will transform major economic sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, energy, and materials. We are excited to start sharing what we have been working on with the world and to introduce our commercial platform later this year.”

About Inscripta

Inscripta is developing the world’s first scalable platform for benchtop Digital Genome Engineering. The company’s advanced CRISPR-based platform, consisting of an instrument, reagents, and software, will offer a fully automated workflow that enables multiplexed, trackable editing of cells at an unprecedented scale. Inscripta’s goal is to empower scientists whose gene editing research is stifled by current technical and licensing limitations. By providing this unique platform and engaging in collaborative business practices, such as making its MAD7 CRISPR nuclease free for research purposes, the company is enabling scientists to realize a new era of biological discovery. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo, with offices in Pleasanton, Calif., and San Diego, Inscripta is backed by leading investors including Venrock, Foresite, Paladin Capital Group, Mérieux Développement, MLS Capital, and NanoDimension. For more information, visit www​.inscrip​ta​.com.