Rapid Forward Engineering at the Genome Scale

SEED 2019
Richard Fox, Inscripta

June 25, 2019

Results from a 200,000-edit library of an E. coli biosynthesis pathway created by Inscripta’s CRISPR-based technology show unprecedented scale and variety of edit types and revealed novel biology.

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Richard Fox, PhD

Richard Fox, PhD

Richard Fox is a veteran of protein engineering, directed evolution, and systems biology and author of the widely used protein engineering tool ProSAR.

As Executive Director of Data Science at Inscripta, Dr. Fox manages a team responsible for data mining, applications development, and facilitating early access to the company’s genome engineering platform. He previously held leadership roles in data science at Intrexon, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, and Codexis. Dr. Fox began his career in nuclear engineering, performing work for Fortune 500 clients as well as the U.S. Navy.

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