Protein production at a fraction of the time and effort of traditional methods.

The Onyx is the ultimate platform for optimizing your strain for recombinant protein and nucleic acid production.

  • Run multiple projects in parallel, generating thousands of edits in a single experiment
  • Increase productivity by cutting hands-on time to a fraction of traditional methods
  • Unlike other CRISPR-based methods, you never have to worry about downstream royalties

Harness the full power of genome engineering for strain optimization.

Engineering microbial strains to serve as biomolecular factories faces a number of critical challenges including low expression, enzyme degradation, misfolding, secretion issues, and inactivity. Onyx overcomes these obstacles by combining rational engineering and genome exploration to target both known pathways and also cast a genome-wide net to identify new ways to improve production. In a matter of months you will be able to identify beneficial mutations in known and unknown targets and quickly improve the production of your molecule of interest.

Skip plasmid editing and speed your transition to manufacturing scale up.

Microbial expression systems often use plasmids as vectors for the initial production of recombinant molecules. However, these beneficial changes often fail to perform once the molecular pathway is transferred into the production strain for manufacturing scale-up.

Onyx engineers changes directly in the genome of the production strain, avoiding the need to re-introduce the gene from a plasmid to the genome.

Curious about how the Onyx Platform can accelerate your Protein Production efforts?

Read our application notes on protein production or contact us to speak with one of our Genome Engineering Experts.

Generate any library at the push of a button.

The Onyx gives you the flexibility and scalability to develop virtually limitless libraries. Create insertions, deletions, substitutions, or full saturation mutagenesis, in a single gene, a pathway, or the whole genome.