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Willow Biosciences Incorporates Inscripta's Onyx® Platform to Expand Strain Engineering Capabilities and Throughput
Willow Biosciences Inc., a leading biotechnology company focused on revolutionizing industrial manufacturing of pure, consistent and sustainable…
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Aldevron Licenses the Manufacturing of MAD7, a Type-V CRISPR Nuclease From Inscripta
A partnership between two CRISPR pioneers will provide the global scientific community with GMP MAD7™ Nuclease…
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Ginkgo Bioworks Adopts Inscripta®’s Onyx® Digital Genome Engineering Platform to Continue Accelerating its Genome Editing Throughput
Inscripta®, the Digital Genome Engineering Company, today announced that Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA), the leading horizontal platform for cell…
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Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 2022
August 7-10 2022, San Francisco, California
Join us at booth 11 at the annual SIMB conference where Dr. Eric Abbate will be presenting on metabolic engineering using an automated massively…
Accelerating strain development process for CDMO and CRO companies
July 27, 2022
Manufacturing of proteins, mRNA or small molecules requires comprehensive strain engineering approaches to increase yield, productivity, and…
Improving protein expression in E. coli B-strains using rapid genome engineering
June 14, 2022
E. coli B‑strains, such as BL21, and their derivatives are often used for protein expression due to their optimized amino acid production, ATP…
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