One portal from start to finish.

The Onyx® platform expedites the genome engineering process. A key component of this platform is the cloud-based Inscripta Engineering Portal. The Portal allows you to design hundreds of thousands of precise genomic edits and analyze large quantities of data with maximum speed and efficiency— allowing you to move to the next level faster. The Portal navigates you through every step of the Design-Generate-Test-Learn cycle. It gives you transparency and insight every step of the way.

  • Design your edit library using InscriptaDesigner™ Software
  • Order your genome engineering kit and monitor the Onyx Instrument run in real-time
  • Order the genoytyping assays required to characterize the Onyx Cell Library and analyze the results using the InscriptaResolver™ software

InscriptaDesigner. Design your edits at scale.

The InscriptaDesigner software is your tool kit within the Portal to create your customized edit design libraries. Select your genome, the type of mutation and location on the genome, and InscriptaDesigner takes care of the rest, including PAM identification, gRNA and donor DNA design. With InscriptaDesigner’s innovative scoring function, you will gain insight into an edit’s probable viability within the genome helping you create meaningful edits at scale, and without the drudgery of by-hand design and review. Edit design has never been so easy!

Large variety of designs.

Design multiple edit types across the genome for diverse library strategy such as genome-wide knock-out, saturation mutagenesis and more.

Unprecedented speed.

Creating hundreds to hundreds of thousands of edits across the genome can be done within hours, sometimes even minutes.

Worry-free, reliable design.

Highly efficient design algorithm constantly improved by machine learning fed by InscriptaDesigner data.

Ease of review.

It’s one thing to design 10,000 edits, it’s another thing to review them. The innovative scoring mechanism built into InscriptaDesigner is complete with a visual genome viewer — enabling you to view your designs in their relevant genomic context.

Introduction to InscriptaDesigner Software.

InscriptaResolver. Analyze your library at scale.

The InscriptaResolver software is your tool kit within the Portal to characterize the Onyx Edit Library and edits of interest. It provides access to appropriate bioinformatics algorithms to process the Sanger sequencing and next-gen sequencing files and display the resultant genotypic metrics for quick and easy review.

Robust analysis.

InscriptaResolver features algorithms to quickly analyze data and characterize your library.

Streamlined phenotyping.

Use the screener’s and selector’s curves to plan your phenotyping experiments.

Intuitive dashboards.

Upload your data and InscriptaResolver will automatically generate a series of dashboards for easy data review.

Clear genotypic insights.

Select the relevant genotypes associated with the characteristic of interest and add them to your design library list for your next run.

A quick guide to the InscriptaResolver Tools.