Ushering in the new era of biology.
It doesn’t get much better than that.


Change more than your life

One of the most exciting scientific breakthroughs in our lifetime was being limited by access to the technology. We changed that, giving all academic and commercial researchers free access to the MAD7 CRISPR nuclease. Biological research that’s been impossible? We changed that too, with Onyx, the only platform that makes scalable Digital Genome Engineering possible on your benchtop. Which also changes the future of food, sustainable fuels and disease treatment.

The power of biology to benefit humanity is what you might call a growth field,” and we’re looking for the best: bright, driven and decent. If you think you’d be a good fit for one of our open positions, reach out and introduce yourself.

You’ll find that as passionate as we are about changing the science of life, we’re equally passionate about living it. Our highly motivated team collaborates across inviting offices in Boulder, CO, Pleasanton, CA and San Diego, CA.