Video: Inscripta Customers Describe Their Experience with the Onyx Platform

By now you may have heard about our automated benchtop Onyx™ genome engineering platform — but have you seen it in action?

Now that scientists outside of Inscripta have had access to our Onyx platform, we’re thrilled to see how they are using it to streamline workflows, expand the types of gene edits they can perform, and ask bigger scientific questions.

Recently, we asked early access users from Sestina Bio, a company that aims to transform synthetic biology, to tell us about their experience with the Onyx platform. Their brief video offers a great look at how they’re using digital genome engineering to accelerate the iterative process of designing, building, testing, and learning.

Don’t have a chance to watch the video? Here are some great quotes to give you a sense of what the Sestina Bio team thinks.

“It’s a quick easy process that takes just a matter of minutes to hours as opposed to taking days of someone cranking through or generating a new type of infrastructure or a package in order to be able to generate those types of edits.” — Amanda Rider Apel, Director of Bioengineering

“Once you understand exactly what it can do, it really opens up the floodgates.” — Ted Tarasow, CTO

“We’re taking something that used to be a very special occasion and we’re building our whole strain development pipeline around it.” — Andrew Horwitz, VP of R&D