The MAD7™ nuclease in plant editing: overcoming CRISPR bottlenecks with MAD TiGER

CRISPR editing has revolutionized plant breeding, and the MAD7 CRISPR nuclease developed by Inscripta<sup>TM</sup> is democratizing access to CRISPR technologies. Hudson River Biotechnology has developed a proprietary, validated molecular breeding workflow called MAD TiGER, which stands for Target identification, Guide selection, Entry into the cell and Regeneration using the MAD7 nuclease. MAD TiGER enables molecular breeding in an end-to-end fashion, providing innovative solutions to the typical barriers encountered in CRISPR plant breeding projects, such as cell entry and regeneration. The MAD TiGER workflow uses the MAD7 nuclease, nanotechnology and various synthetic gels to enable faster onset of cell divisions in regenerating and de-differentiating protoplasts towards micro-calli formation. During this webinar, Gabino Sanchez of Hudson River Biotechnology will provide an overview of the MAD TiGER workflow and discuss examples of using an integrated workflow for molecular breeding. You will also learn more about the MAD7 nuclease from Inscripta.