A New Era in Forward Engineering of Proteins, Pathways and Genomes using the Onyx™ Platform

Since its introduction, CRISPR has become a core genome editing tool that has transformed biological research. First-generation CRISPR technologies were limited in scalability, accessibility, edit variety, and ease of use, restricting their potential. Inscripta’s Onyx™ platform addresses these limitations by combining easy-to-use, intuitive software with a push-button automated benchtop device, enabling high-efficiency, massively-parallel, precision-engineered edits to Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli genomes. In this webinar , Tyson Shepherd will present applications in E. coli that leverage this platform. He will show how a library totaling more than 25,000 different designs and a separate library of 900 designs yielded new biochemical insights underpinning tolerance to a panel of growth-inhibitory compounds. These applications demonstrate the power of the Onyx platform to usher in a new era of genome editing.