Boulder, CO -

Nature Biotechnology paper details high-throughput, multiplexed CRISPR technology

Revolutionary technology licensed by Muse bio enables precise, genome-wide engineering

Muse bio today announced the publication of a paper in Nature Biotechnology describing, for the first time, its foundational technology platform that enables rational engineering of the whole genome with single-nucleotide precision.

The technology, ​CRISPR-enabled trackable genome engineering” (CREATE), has been exclusively licensed to Muse bio and is being commercialized as part of its ForgeCraft™ technology. ForgeCraft is a powerful combination of forward design software, a proprietary set of reagents and algorithms, and an automated easy-to-use instrument. Muse bio is already working with key alpha partners to demonstrate the power of the technology, in the research, industrial, agricultural and biopharma markets.

I am thrilled that the CREATE technology developed in my lab is being commercialized by Muse bio under its exclusive license,” said Ryan Gill, Professor of Chemistry at University of Colorado, and Chief Science Officer and a co-founder at Muse bio. ​Through incorporation of the CREATE technology into ForgeCraft, academic, industrial, agricultural and biopharma researchers worldwide will be able to significantly accelerate the time it takes to explore genotype-phenotype relationships and the development of valuable and sustainable products.”

Never before has the full biological complexity of an organism’s genetic landscape been made so accessible for exploration and engineering,” said Kevin Ness, Chief Executive Officer at Muse bio. ​Muse bio is committed to deliver a much-needed platform for genome engineering to enable high throughput editing of genomes.”

The paper titled ​Genome-wide mapping of mutations at a single-nucleotide resolution for protein, metabolic and genome engineering” was published on-line this week in Nature Biotechnology and can be viewed on-line at http://​www​.nature​.com/​n​b​t​/​j​o​u​r​n​a​l​/​v​a​o​p​/​n​c​u​r​r​e​n​t​/​f​u​l​l​/​n​b​t​.​3​7​1​8​.html.