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With the addition of Infinome and Sestina Bio, Inscripta adds to its portfolio of cutting-edge technologies for biomanufacturing products for industrial and consumer markets

Inscripta, a global leader in genome engineering technology, announced today the acquisition of two pioneers of synthetic biology – Infinome Biosciences and Sestina Bio, which advance Inscripta’s strategy to develop and commercialize bio-manufactured products for a broad spectrum of industrial and consumer markets.

The acquisitions demonstrate Inscripta’s confidence in the commercial potential of the bioeconomy and the power of genome engineering to accelerate biomanufacturing innovation. ​Tackling the unprecedented opportunity to improve global health and sustainability through biomanufacturing requires a strong combination of talent, experience, technology, and commercial assets”, said Sri Kosaraju, CEO, Inscripta. ​Infinome and Sestina Bio allow us to advance our strategy and complement our technological innovation and capabilities needed for creating the next generation of biobased manufacturing products and processes.”

Prior to the acquisition, Infinome was closely affiliated with Inscripta. Infinome developed the GenoScaler™ platform, a proprietary strain engineering platform designed to rapidly optimize microbes for biomanufacturing, using Inscripta’s genome engineering technology. ​With our platform, we are able to create industrially optimized strains faster and at a fraction of the resource and infrastructure costs traditionally required for commercialization of precision fermentation solutions.” said Infinome co-founder and CEO/CTO Dr. Richard Fox. ​Combining Infinome with Inscripta brings together a shared vision of creating lean, scalable, and sustainable solutions for biomanufacturing through technology.”

Sestina Bio brings an innovative, data-driven approach for building and identifying strains that make it out of the lab and withstand the rigors of commercial scale-up. ​The proprietary methods we are developing enable us to produce and understand orders of magnitude more biological data than other synbio platforms,” said Ted Tarasow, CTO, Sestina Bio. ​Our approach to minimal strain design combined with Inscripta’s unique genome editing capabilities will enable dramatic reductions in the time and cost of bringing products to market.”, added Andrew Horwitz, Vice President of R&D, Sestina Bio.

With the addition of Infinome and Sestina Bio, Inscripta is building on its history of technological innovation and has already begun applying its cutting-edge technologies to develop products for a diverse set of large industrial and consumer markets. Inscripta has several partnered and proprietary products in various stages of development. Kalsec® Inc., a food and beverage ingredient solutions company, represents one example of an announced partnership to develop and commercialize multiple bio-manufactured products. Separately, Inscripta is engaging in commercial conversations around the previously announced development of a ready-to-scale microbial strain producing Bakuchiol, a natural retinol replacement.

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