New Ebook Available: Synthetic Biology in Pharmaceutical Development and Animal Health

We strive to educate the public about the industry trends and new ways synthetic biology is being used to solve the challenges we face today. Now, we’ve released an ebook to showcase some of the great work focused on human and animal health.

Many of the medications we rely on for human and animal health are based on compounds derived from nature — often molecules that are difficult to find, hard to extract, or of varying purity in natural sources. These limitations can hinder production and threaten access to critically needed treatments. For more reliable, streamlined production of some of these medications, pharmaceutical and animal health companies are turning to synthetic biology.

Drug discovery and development teams are already applying synthetic biology for cannabinoids, antibiotics, biologics, and more. This approach is far less expensive and more environmentally sustainable than growing, harvesting, and processing acres of plants needed for conventional production — and it’s applicable to both small and large molecule therapies.

In this new ebook, we look at recent examples of how synthetic biology has been used to produce molecules with applications in human and animal health. We also report on why forward engineering is an important element of this work, and how the automated Onyx™ platform for genome engineering can streamline the research process.

Download the ebook here. We hope you find it helpful!