New Ebook Available: Synthetic Biology for Food and Feed Additives

Here at Inscripta, we enjoy keeping an eye on the synthetic biology landscape to keep up with the latest innovation. We’ve now put together an educational ebook to help others learn about the latest trends — in this case, how synthetic biology is being used in the food and feed industries.

This area is incredibly important. With a rapidly growing global population and worsening effects of climate change, it is crucial that we develop sustainable, cost-effective methods for feeding humans and animals. Much-needed improvements include increasing yield, making food more nutritious, reducing the need for farmland, and breeding crops for resistance to pests and drought, among others.

Synthetic biology, which uses advanced knowledge of naturally occurring genetic mechanisms to facilitate new manufacturing models and other biotech innovations, is already being deployed to address these needs. In this ebook, we look at recent examples of how synthetic biology has contributed to development of meat alternatives, flavoring, sweeteners, and more. We also report on how forward engineering can enable synbio efforts and how the automated Onyx™ platform for genome engineering can accelerate the R&D process.

Download the ebook here. We hope you find it helpful!