Celebrating Our First Commercial Shipment

Earlier this year our team celebrated one of the most exciting milestones in the life of any startup company: our first commercial shipment! This was the first Onyx™ platform shipped outside of our early access program. And from the tremendous demand we’re seeing in the market, it will the first of many, many genome engineering instruments we send to customers around the world.

Our team went all out for the occasion, and we wanted to share the joy of our experience. Enjoy these photos from our big day.

We’re so excited to send this commercial unit to GeneMill, a state-of-the-art synthetic biology foundry at the University of Liverpool. To mark the occasion, we all signed the shipping crate. Once we got going, it was hard to stop … so we signed the consumable kit boxes, too.

The whole production team celebrates in our warehouse. And it’s off! Liverpool, here we come!