Amyris Adopts the Onyx™ Platform to Enhance Development of Sustainable Ingredients

We are excited to bring our game-changing technology to the hands of great scientists. Today, we announced that the Onyx platform has been adopted by Amyris, a leading synthetic biotechnology company active in the Clean Health and Beauty markets through its consumer brands, and a top supplier of sustainable and natural ingredients.

Amyris is one of the pioneers in applying synthetic biology advances to products used every day by consumers. To date, Amyris has successfully commercialized 13 sustainable ingredients, which are formulated in more than 20,000 products and used by over 300 million consumers, demonstrating the growing demand for sustainable products with clean and effective ingredients.

We expect that the Onyx platform will bring value to Amyris’ entire ingredient development pipeline, with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing timelines for the development of future products. This will complement Amyris’ existing Lab-to-Market™ operating system, which allows the company to develop and scale a growing portfolio of sustainable ingredients.

In a statement, Amyris Senior Vice President of Research and Development Sunil Chandran said: “Inscripta’s platform seamlessly integrates with our own and opens up new experimentation avenues for our scientists to continue bringing bio-based products to customers. We pride ourselves on continuous innovation and expect Onyx to help us expand our pipeline, while achieving lower costs and reducing time to market.”

In addition, we will work together with our colleagues at Amyris to explore joint research and development opportunities to expand the Onyx platform functionality. We look forward to teaming up with such a great group of forward-looking scientists.

Sri Kosaraju, President and CEO of Inscripta, commented: “Amyris has shown the world how new products can be made more sustainable through biology. Their team has high proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge technology, and we are excited they will be pioneering the use of our platform. We have great regard for Amyris’ mission, and we are committed to seeing the Onyx platform become a substantial contributor to new clean chemistry products in the future.”

Read the full announcement here.