Aldevron Licenses the Manufacturing of MAD7™ Nuclease from Inscripta

This week we announced a licensing agreement with Aldevron to manufacture and commercialize Inscripta’s proprietary wild-type MAD7 Type-V CRISPR nuclease under the name of “Eureca-V™ Nuclease. The MAD7 enzyme is part of the MADzyme™ nuclease family that is used in our Onyx® technology and available for commercial use with advantageous, flexible licensing terms to fit customers’ needs. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in many independent publications, including microbial, plant, and mammalian systems.

The new partnership will now allow researchers to order a ready-to-use enzyme “off-the-shelf” from Aldevron, with manufacturing planned to begin later this year.

Aldevron is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of plasmid DNA, RNA, and proteins for the biotech industry. Under the license, Aldevron will manufacture MAD7 nuclease for Research Use Only (RUO), as well as a formulation that can be used for clinical applications that is produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification. The GMP certification ensures the integrity of the manufacturing process and compliance with safety regulations for clinical-grade reagents.

Inscripta released its MAD7 nuclease in 2017 to make CRISPR-based genome engineering accessible to any research lab. Since then, hundreds of scientists have been successfully using it in different systems and various applications. The readily available RUO and GMP-grade reagents provide even easier access to the MAD7 nuclease, enabling rapid innovation and translation into breakthrough treatments. Scientists around the world will have access to high-quality CRISPR reagents with friendly licensing terms.

New MADzyme nucleases are continuously being developed, optimized, and evaluated for various applications. Inscripta plans to continue working with Aldevron to bring other MADzymes to market to fulfill the demand for these technologies by world-class research and manufacturing organizations. Read the full press release here.