About Us

We’re more a calling than a company.


Maybe it’s our commitment to help feed, fuel and heal humanity.

Making the MAD7 CRISPR nuclease free for research purposes may not be typical in this industry, but it’s typical for us. Our primary purpose is to empower scientists whose gene editing research is stifled by current technical and licensing limitations.

We want you to make bigger discoveries, faster and at unprecedented scale, experiencing those bold breakthroughs that the Onyx platform will provide. We live up to our press by walking the walk’ every day, bringing you revolutionary tools that serve the greater good. Because Inscripta is more than a company, it’s our calling.


Principles count

Throughout our own breakthroughs, business management practices and office policies, the principles we value stay the same. Be bold, act responsibly and inspire others. 

Our technology incorporates specific biosecurity practices for ethical genome engineering. Contributions that power progress are shared. And every member of our team is valued for their unique perspective and contributions. 

As a company, we move forward together inclusively and respectfully. And by our business practices we are promoting society to do the same.


Inscripta Team

Sri Kosaraju
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Graige
Chief Technical Officer
Dianna Devore
General Counsel
Ron McGrath
Chief Financial Officer
Tom Rosso
Vice President, Operations
Jim Lalonde
Head of Microbial Business Area

Inscripta Board

John Stuelpnagel
Bryan Roberts
Board of Directors
Roger Wyse
Board of Directors
Sri Kosaraju
Board of Directors


We’re proud to be backed by a number of leading venture capital firms in the biotechnology industry.