About Us

We’re more a calling than a company


Maybe it’s our commitment to help feed, fuel and heal humanity

We are giving researchers the power to ask trailblazing questions and find solutions that support decarbonization, health and well-being, energy production, food security, and environmental management.

Inscripta® is built on the idea that having mastered the reading of genomes, the next revolution in biology will come from writing them. We believe genome engineering will power the bioeconomy and help scientists pursue discovery and functional genomics research focused on solving some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Our initial contribution to this effort comes from providing the first automated technology that streamlines CRISPR gene editing, an otherwise laborious, costly, time-consuming, and manual scientific process. Our intuitive Onyx® platform provides an automated benchtop solution for genome engineering that is simple to use, safe, and accessible to researchers around the world. With the Onyx platform, researchers can take a giant leap into the vast landscape of genotype and variant analysis and take a deeper dive into the genes, pathways and networks they care about most — or probe the entire genome for something new and undiscovered.

We support our customers around the world from our facilities in Boulder, Colorado; San Diego and Pleasanton, California; and Copenhagen, Denmark.


Throughout our own breakthroughs, business management practices and office policies, the principles we value stay the same. Be bold, act responsibly and inspire others. 

Our technology incorporates specific biosecurity practices for ethical genome engineering. Contributions that power progress are shared. And every member of our team is valued for their unique perspective and contributions. 

As a company, we move forward together inclusively and respectfully.
And by our business practices we are promoting society to do the same.

We’d love for you to join us and be a part of inspiring the world.


Our executive team

Inscripta’s leadership team is made up of experienced life science innovators hailing from some of the top life science and genome technology companies in the world.


Join us and work with a collaborative and passionate team of people developing the world’s first scalable platform for benchtop digital genome engineering.