The Onyx Platform: a game changer.

Biofoundry on your benchtop

Full-scale genome engineering that lets you design, engineer, evaluate and track results on your own benchtop is here and it’s push-button easy. Unleash your lab’s full potential through a single integrated platform that includes the instrument, software and chemistry.

  • The world’s first benchtop platform for scalable digital genome engineering with push-button simplicity.
  • Consumables kits for single and combinatorial edits in E. coli and S. cerevisiae, with additional kits coming soon.
  • Proprietary software that determines library quality and phenotypic analyses.


1 0 icon 1 scale
Unprecedented scale
  • Build the largest massively parallel, multiplexed and combinatorial libraries.
  • Make diverse edits including insertions, deletions, swaps and more.
  • Rapidly connect multiple experiments, leveraging machine learning processes.
1 0 icon 2 performance
Superior performance
  • High edit rates ensure your designs are realized.
  • Barcode every cell, track every edit.
  • Rational design approach affords you precise control.
1 0 icon 2 access
Greater access
  • The Onyx workflow seamlessly integrates software, consumables and instrument into a fully automated solution. Little gene editing expertise required.
  • Inscripta uses favorable licensing terms to ensure that scientists own their discoveries and subsequent inventions.