There’s going big.
And then there’s engineering at genome scale.


Why digital?

Our Digital Genome Engineering technology manages, engineers and tracks individual cells. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to make various types of edits in combination — across a genome at highly-multiplexed scale — all from your own lab bench. 

Seamless trackability of individual cells lets you know what was edited, while our high edit rates ensure experimental efficiency. Our machine learning-based software enables rapid iteration so that outcomes from one experiment automatically inform the next. 

Because wouldn’t you rather focus on testing multiple biological hypotheses in parallel, without worrying about optimizing complex editing protocols? See how the Onyx platform can bring genome engineering at scale to your lab, making the previously impossible a reality.


Safety. Always first.

Keeping you at the cutting edge of genome engineering is our specialty. Our purpose. And our privilege. However, ensuring genome engineering is safe every step of the way is our primary responsibility. Inscripta’s proactive screening process aims to identify and prevent both deliberate and accidental production of biorisk. Period. 

Our industry-standard screening process endeavors to catch and block anyone on government banned lists. In addition, we carry out extensive in silico screening on all genomes and design libraries — rapidly identifying potential biorisk, before sequences are released for reagent production. In the event of a biosecurity alert, we collaborate with customers to avoid potential biorisk scenarios.


We’re all in. Are you?

We released our own CRISPR enzyme (MAD7) free for research use, with easy and affordable licensing options for commercial purposes. Call it an Inscripta brand value in action. Because supporting the scientific community with access to the tools needed to realize the promise of 

CRISPR-based gene editing is what will power the next biological revolution. Digital genome engineering via the Onyx platform also lets you own and control your breakthroughs, giving you the freedom to capture the value of your discoveries.