The Onyx® Platform: a game changer.

Biofoundry on your benchtop.

Full-scale genome engineering that lets you design, engineer, evaluate and track results on your own benchtop is here and it’s push-button easy. Unleash your lab’s full potential through a single integrated platform that includes the instrument, software, and custom reagents and consumables:

  • The world’s first benchtop platform for scalable Digital Genome Engineering with push-button simplicity.
  • Software for design, library quality control and downstream analysis.
Onyx Genome Engineering Platform Introduction


1 0 icon 1 scale
Unprecedented scale
  • Build massively parallel libraries with the push of a button.
  • Make diverse edits including insertions, deletions, substitutions and more.
  • Accelerate your science with our analysis software to speed discovery.
1 0 icon 2 performance
Superior performance
  • High edit rates ensure your designs are implemented.
  • Barcode every cell, track every edit.
  • Rational design approach affords you precise control of genomic edits.
1 0 icon 2 access
Greater access
  • The Onyx workflow seamlessly integrates software, consumables and instrument into a fully-automated solution. Gene editing expertise not required.

  • Inscripta® uses favorable licensing terms to ensure that scientists own their discoveries and subsequent inventions. View Terms and Conditions of Sale.

One platform. Accelerated discovery.

The Onyx Platform is an integrated and fully-automated solution for your genome engineering needs. Design experiments, generate edited cell libraries, test and analyze. Then, learn from the data to power the next iteration of the Design-Generate-Test-Learn cycle– all with this one platform.

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Design library in a few clicks with InscriptaDesigner.

Order a customized genome engineering kit containing the Design Library from the Portal.

Perform the genome engineering run on the Onyx Genome Engineering Instrument using your customized Onyx Genome Engineering Kit.

Characterize the Onyx Cell Library with our Genotyping Assay Kits & analyze the data with InscriptaResolver.

Perform pooled or isolated phenotyping.

Identify edits of interest using our Genotyping Assay Kits and InscriptaResolver.