Get to know the
Onyx® Genome Engineering instrument.

A push-button, benchtop biofoundry.

The Onyx Digital Genome Engineering Instrument automates all aspects of large-scale, massively parallel genome engineering experiments — including the cell transformation, CRISPR-based genome engineering, cell growth, and cell recovery — all at your benchtop, all push-button easy.

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Unmatched throughout:

CRISPR-edited cell library with thousands of programmed edits generated in 2 – 4 days.

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Fool proof:

The instrument automatically reads the consumables’ barcodes and downloads the corresponding protocol ensuring every instrument run is set up for success.

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Ease of use:

Install the ready-to-use reagents and consumables, push go and walk away. Monitor the run from the portal — that’s remote science at work.

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Fully Automated:

Single benchtop system performs every step of the engineering process while providing real-time monitoring.


Innovative microfluidics for precise editing.

Onyx is unlike any other instrument. It features four innovative microfluidic devices that precisely manages time and temperature, monitors cell growth, and controls for the non-linearities of biological processes during the editing process. These microfluidic devices in Onyx provide cell-type normalization across millions of cells. Plus, contamination is minimized through its self-contained design and dry instrument technology. All of which translates into superior and unprecedented genome editing performance.

1. Cell Growth

Cell Growth Cuvette

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Manage and measure optimal cell growth in real time.

2. Electrocompetency

Microfluidic Cell Controller

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Exchange media and prepare cells for electroporation.

3. Electroporation

Microfluidic Cell Transformer

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Efficient electroporation of Design DNA into the cells. 

4. Cell recovery

Cell Growth Cuvette

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Manage and measure optimal cell growth in real time.

5. Outgrowth

Digital Engineering Processor

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Manage and normalize cell editing and growth.