The Onyx® Platform: a game changer.


One platform — It’s All You Need!

Welcome to the new era of CRISPR-based genome engineering. With the Onyx Digital Genome Engineering Platform, you can generate a wide range of diversity to probe a gene, a pathway or the entire microbial genome – all with the push of a button. The Onyx platform is a complete benchtop solution, consisting of design and analysis software, custom consumables, assays, and a fully automated instrument ensuring successful, fast and cost-effective strain engineering. 

Onyx Genome Engineering Platform Introduction

The Onyx Genome Engineering Platform

Onyx machine

The Onyx Instrument automates every aspect of large-scale, massively parallel genome engineering experiments — including cell transformation, CRISPR-based genome editing, cell growth, and cell recovery. Install the ready-to-use consumables in few minutes, push go, and walk away. CRISPR-edited cell libraries with thousands of programmed edits are generated in 2 – 4 days.

Engineering Portal

Every experiment starts and ends with the Inscripta Engineering Portal. Design your experiment with InscriptaDesigner, order your reagent, follow your instrument run and analyze the results with InscriptaResolver. Icing one cake! No expertise or bioinformatic support required to use the Portal. 

Engineering kit copy

Inscripta provides 4 categories of product to support each step of the DGTL cycle: 


Ensure quick and cost-effective results that you own

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Accelerate your research

Onyx is a fully automated platform that enables a fast and easy iterative DGTL cycle(s) resulting in fast project execution, decreased time to market and an accelerated publication timeline. 

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Unmatched Versatility

Design a broad variety of edit types at a small or large scale to probe a known gene or pathway or to probe the entire genome for something new and undiscovered.

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Onyx is a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform enabling any scientist to run an experiment from start to finish without extensive expertise or the need for a bioinformatics support saving costly resources.

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Own your discovery

CRISPR has completely changed the genome editing world, but it can come with a high licensing cost. Onyx leverages the MAD7 nuclease that allows you to own at no additional cost, any discovery you make with the Onyx platform.


One platform. Accelerated discovery.

The Onyx Platform is an integrated and fully-automated solution for your genome engineering needs. Design experiments, generate edited cell libraries, test and analyze. Then, learn from the data to power the next iteration of the Design-Generate-Test-Learn cycle– all with this one platform.

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Design library in a few clicks with InscriptaDesigner.

Order a customized genome engineering kit containing the Design Library from the Portal.

Perform the genome engineering run on the Onyx Genome Engineering Instrument using your customized Onyx Genome Engineering Kit.

Characterize the Onyx Cell Library with our Genotyping Assay Kits & analyze the data with InscriptaResolver.

Perform pooled or isolated phenotyping.

Identify edits of interest using our Genotyping Assay Kits and InscriptaResolver.