November 9, 2018 – In the past year, Inscripta has grown from a startup releasing its first product, a unique CRISPR gene-editing enzyme called “MAD7,” to a fast-growing company that has built an elite team of life sciences veterans, raised $55.5 million in a Series C funding round, and secured patents for MAD7 and another MADzyme, MAD2. We’re excited about these achievements because they show that we are well on our way to building the future of genome writing.

We’re thrilled to announce that because of this strong momentum, Inscripta has been selected for the Colorado BioScience Association’s 2018 Rising Star Award, which honors companies for reaching significant milestones such as fundraising, commercialization, and regulatory approvals.

This is a huge vote of confidence in Inscripta from Colorado’s bioscience industry, which we are extremely proud to be a part of. Our state has a strong reputation for innovation in life sciences. While the traditional bioscience and biotech innovation hubs may have started in Boston and the Bay Area, we are convinced that Colorado is the next burgeoning community that’s disrupting the status quo and advancing fields like gene editing. That’s no coincidence either — the convergence of Colorado’s outstanding quality of life, a highly talented workforce, and an innovation ecosystem is exactly why Inscripta chose to locate our headquarters in Boulder.

This is only the beginning for Inscripta. The gene-editing field is just getting started and we are excited to begin introducing more disruptive technology that will help unlock the full potential of gene editing to help feed, fuel, and heal humanity — from our headquarters in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder’s emerging innovation scene.