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Heterologous protein production in Yeast - New App Note
Protein production plays an important role in the growing bioeconomy industry. With various applications in biotechnology and biopharma — from…
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Heterologous protein optimization in E. coli - New App Note
Heterologous protein expression underpins many advancements in modern molecular biology, including protein engineering, production of bioindustrial…
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Scaling up CRISPR-based genome engineering in microbes to accelerate biological discovery
Ahead of our upcoming webinar, CRISPR-based multiplexed genome editing for improved heterologous protein engineering and expression in E. coli,” we…
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Heterologous Protein Engineering and characterization of native regulatory elements in E. coli using Massively Parallel CRISPR Editing
October 14, 2021
Heterologous protein expression in model organisms has many applications, including protein engineering, production of industrial enzymes and…
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Identifying genome-wide targets of osmotic stress tolerance in E. coli using CRISPR-mediated forward engineering
September 13, 2021, Webinar
Biological responses to environmental stress can arise from multiple genetic solutions encoding tolerance mechanisms.
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Improving heterologous protein production in yeast with massively parallel CRISPR genome editing
August 25, 2021, Webinar
Heterologous protein production is an indispensable tool in biotechnology and biopharma for manufacturing enzymes, protein therapeutics, and more.
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