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Hunterian Medicine® Licenses Inscripta’s MAD7™ Nuclease to Advance Gene Editing Research and Development
Inscripta and Hunterian pioneer new program to provide access to novel CRISPR enzymes for biotherapeutic development…
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Inside the World of Genome Engineering at Amyris with Kirsten Benjamin, VP of R&D
Kirsten Benjamin of Amyris Takes Us into the World of Genome-Wide Engineering Amyris has long been the Bay Area’s crown jewel of synthetic…
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Amyris Partners with Inscripta to Enhance Development of Sustainable Ingredients Using the Onyx™ Genome Engineering Platform
Amyris, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMRS), a leading synthetic biotechnology company active in the Clean Health and Beauty markets through its consumer brands, and…
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Genome-Wide CRISPR Editing for Improved Protein Expression in Yeast
January 13, 2022
Heterologous protein production is an indispensable tool in biotechnology and biopharma for manufacturing enzymes, protein therapeutics, and more.…
The MAD7™ nuclease in plant editing: overcoming CRISPR bottlenecks with MAD TiGER
December 8, 2021
CRISPR editing has revolutionized plant breeding, and the MAD7 CRISPR nuclease developed by InscriptaTM is democratizing access to CRISPR…
Newton's Cradle: Exploring rational and empirical design space with Engineering Biology
November 16, 2021
Discovery in biological research was historically driven by empirical methods. The advent of biological engineering, propelled by technological…
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