MADzyme Nucleases Terms & Conditions

MADzyme™ Nucleases Terms & Conditions

Use of the MAD7™ nuclease is covered by one or more issued and/​or pending patent claims. The purchase of this product includes a limited, non-transferable license under the issued and pending patent claims for the user’s own internal research and development, whether academic or commercial in nature. The user also has the right to perform commercial services, including without limitation the right to report the results of purchaser’s activities using the MAD7 nuclease for a fee or other commercial consideration. The rights granted hereunder do not include 1) a right to sell or resell the enzyme as or in a product, including a therapeutic product, 2) continued use of the enzyme in commercial manufacturing, and 3) use of the product for editing human embryos (collectively Excluded Fields”). No right to make, use or sell is conveyed expressly, by implication, or by estoppel to these Excluded Fields. User agrees that any use of the MAD7 nuclease will be in compliance with all applicable laws.

Further information on purchasing licenses to uses within the Excluded Fields may be obtained by contacting Inscripta™ at info@​inscripta.​com.

The MAD7 nuclease and MADzyme nucleases are trademarks owned by Inscripta, Inc.