The Inscripta Blog

March 26, 2021

Meet Infinome, the Newest Member of the Inscripta Family

We’re excited to announce that Inscripta now has its very first subsidiary company. We have invested in Infinome, a synthetic biology product development organization founded last year by scientists who previously helped develop the automated Onyx™ genome engineering platform here at Inscripta.

Infinome offers a collaborative approach to engineering biology, relying on deep expertise in genome scale CRISPR editing, high-throughput smart automation & analytics, predictive fermentation, machine learning, software & informatics, and directed evolution. The next-gen bioengineering company aims to streamline genome engineering to help clients commercialize and scale biomanufacturing.

Infinome is now a synthetic biology subsidiary of Inscripta, allowing us to increase our impact within the emerging bioeconomy. Through its partnership model, Infinome will create optimized microbial processes for partners in a matter of weeks or months to boost productivity, purity, and yield. They will use the Onyx platform, along with a full, state-of-the-art, lean bioengineering technology stack, to perform precision CRISPR editing quickly and at scale, designing thousands of edits of varied types and genomic locations for forward engineering projects. Their goal is to help researchers partners in industries such as biologics, food tech, drug discovery, bioremediation, cosmetics, pet health, and more.

If you’re interested in a bioengineering collaboration, learn more about Infinome. Or check out how you can use the Onyx platform to perform your own genome engineering studies.