The Inscripta Blog

March 30, 2021

Interested in Joining the Inscripta Team? We’re Hiring!

The Inscripta family is growing — fast. Our startup company is based on the idea that automating and scaling the CRISPR gene editing process will empower scientists to solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity through genome engineering.

To achieve that mission, we need some help. We’re looking for the best: bright, driven and decent. Our team is highly motivated and collaborative, operating across offices and labs in Boulder, Colo., San Diego and Pleasanton, Calif., and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our latest hiring spree is being overseen by Lorraine Carter-Larocque, Inscripta’s human resources manager. We caught up with her to learn about how small companies like ours ramp up quickly.

What do you do at Inscripta?

I manage functions including recruiting, onboarding of new employees, performance management, benefits administration, manager and employee relations, training, and compliance.

How big is this current hiring spree?

Right now we have 142 employees across the US and in Denmark and Germany. In the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing on eight new employees. At the same time, we have 22 open positions and even four internships. That’s almost 20% growth right there, just in this moment.

How do you tackle bringing on so many new people at once?

Because we’re a startup, we’re trying to grow in a smart way. We assess needs on a quarter-by-quarter basis. We don’t want to grow so quickly that we can’t take care of our new employees and their onboarding.

How do you maintain a consistent corporate culture throughout this process?

It’s really important to make sure that whoever comes in understands what our culture is like. We have them meet with as many people as possible in the interview process so they get a sense of our culture, and during their HR interview we specifically talk about what culture they are looking for. Inscripta also has employees who formed a Culture team to focus on how to keep our culture healthy and positive.

What kinds of jobs are available right now?

The vast majority are scientist positions, in areas such as cell biology, enzyme engineering, and bioinformatics. We also have several engineer roles open in process development and technical development. Last but not least, we have multiple commercial roles such as field application scientists, field service engineers, and account executives.

What should prospective employees know about the company?

Inscripta has very passionate employees who care deeply about changing the world. To work here, we want people who see our values and connect with them.

What are those values?

Passion, collaborative, innovative, integrity, and purposeful. You’ll notice that our values are not all nouns or all adjectives. That’s because they came from a series of employee surveys. We asked our employees to describe our company culture, and these five words were the most used across all the surveys. This is different from anywhere I’ve ever worked: our values are derived directly from how our employees describe working at Inscripta.

Who should apply for a job at Inscripta?

When you work with people who want to solve problems, the best way to go about that is to solve them together. People who can collaborate across multiple teams would be a great match for us, as would people who are passionate about making a revolutionary technology available. And since we’re a startup environment, we need people who are comfortable wearing a lot of hats.