The Inscripta Blog

November 3, 2020

Inside Inscripta: Craig Struble, Computational Sciences and Engineering

In this blog series, we’re introducing readers to the people contributing their remarkable talents to Inscripta. We wouldn’t be able to bring our transformative Digital Genome Engineering technology to scientific labs without them! Today we get to know Craig Struble, Senior Director of Computational Sciences and Engineering. He grew up in Richmond, Va., and earned a PhD in computer science at Virginia Tech.

What’s your role at Inscripta?

I am one of the leads in the computational sciences area, which covers things like software engineering, computer science, math, statistics, and bioinformatics. I’m on the core team for the Onyx™ platform and I’m leading a team focused on developing enhancements for it.

What brought you to the company?

I was excited about getting involved in genome engineering and gene editing. I had heard a little bit about CRISPR but didn’t know much about it, so this was an opportunity to get involved in something that was new to me. I was also interested in working at a small, science-focused company. I really enjoy being at that boundary of computational science and biology.

What’s the most exciting thing about moving from genome reading to genome writing?

We’re no longer just looking at and studying genomes. We are now able to design and engineer them in interesting ways. That opens up a lot of opportunities in being able to understand how genomes work, how organisms work, and to have them work for us.

If you could use genome engineering to address any challenge, what would you choose and why?

I am really interested in making changes that can help on the environmental side. In academia, one of the groups I worked with investigated better ways of treating waste water with bacteria that would also create energy. Now we have the opportunity to directly engineer organisms that process waste water more efficiently to produce more energy.

Are you a reader or a writer?

I read more books and papers than I write, but I’m a writer when it comes to computer code.

What did you do as a kid that you wish you could do more as an adult?

I still do many things I did as a kid, when I spent a lot of time tinkering with computers. These days I tinker on projects around the house, sometimes to the chagrin of my family.

What’s your favorite vacation?

One of my favorite vacations is just going to the beach and spending time with family. The other is going to theme parks, primarily Disney. I’m the only one in my family who rides the roller coasters.