The Inscripta Blog

March 16, 2021

A New Digital Experience for Genome Engineering

As we designed the Onyx™ platform for automated genome engineering, we challenged ourselves to break free from the usual instrumentation and workflows that define most life science tools. If you’ve had the chance to look at the Onyx instrument, you’ve already seen that it looks like nothing else in a biology lab.

But we wanted the entire user experience — not just the look of the instrument — to be better. To that end, we developed the cloud-based Inscripta Engineering Portal to streamline library design and data analysis. We pushed past the clunky interfaces so common among life science tools and focused on something that would feel more familiar to researchers who are used to sophisticated apps in the consumer realm.

Those efforts led to our sleek InscriptaDesigner™ software and InscriptaResolver™ software, the former for designing and ordering your edit libraries and the latter for analyzing results. We’ve created short video introductions to each of these, but if you don’t have time to watch, here are the highlights.

InscriptaDesigner software

  • Design hundreds of thousands of precise genomic edits
  • Choose your organism, strain, and genome version
  • Filter your library based on predicted success of edit incorporation in cells
  • Use a genome viewer to visualize all edits by edit type, or zoom in to any individual edit
  • Complete designs in minutes or hours, compared to days or weeks
  • Add the desired library to cart to request a quote
  • Place order and receive your custom genome engineering kit in approximately three weeks

InscriptaResolver software

  • View your sequence data and run several types of bioinformatics analyses in a single place
  • Explore results through dashboards and charts, including key metrics from the Onyx run
  • Compare original to edited genomes
  • Plan your next selection or screening experiment using selector and screener’s score
  • Select relevant genotypes and add them to your design library list for your next run
  • Accelerate the design, test, generate, learn process